Workshop on Risk, Ambiguity, and Decisions in honor of Daniel Ellsberg – May 2010

On May 10-12, 2010, the Institute of Advanced Studies, Vienna Austria will be hosting a conference in honor of Daniel Ellsberg.

People interested in attending should contact Klaus Ritzberger at

Schedule of Events

Monday, May 10, 2010

Times Events
8:30-9:00 Registration
9:00-10:30 Daniel Ellsberg Opening Address
10:30-11:00 Coffee Break
11:00-11:45 Arno Riedl, Maastricht Univ. (co-author: Elena Cettolin, Maastricht Univ.) “Delegation in decision making under uncertainty. Are preferences incomplete?”
11:45-12:30 Luciano De Castro, Univ. Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (co-author: Nicholas Yannelis, Univ. Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Univ. Manchester) “Ambiguity aversion solves the conflict between efficiency and incentive compatibility”
12:30-14:30 Lunch
14:30-15:15 Michèle Cohen, Univ. Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne (co-authors: Jean-Marc Tallon, Univ. Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne; Jean-Christophe Vergnaud, Centre d’économie de la Sorbonne) “An experimental investigation of imprecision attitude and its relation with risk attitude and impatience”
15:15-16:00 Tomasz Strzalecki, Harvard University (co-author: Jan Werner, Univ. Minnesota) “Efficient Allocations under Ambiguity”
16:00-16:30 Coffee Break
16:30-17:15 Michael Mandler, Royal Holloway College, Univ. London “Rational agents are the quickest”
17:15-18:00 Jürgen Eichberger, Univ. Heidelberg (co-author: David Kelsey, Univ. Exeter) “Are the Treasures of Game Theory Ambiguous?”
19:30 Dinner at Glacis Beisl (Museumsquartier, access Breitegasse 4, Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Wien, )

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Times Events
9:00-9:45 Nabil Al-Najjar, Kellogg School, Northwestern University (co-author: Jonathan Weinstein, Kellogg School, Northwestern University) “The Ambiguity Aversion Literature: A Critical Assessment”
9:45-10:30 Frank Riedel, Univ. Bielefeld (co-author: Rose-Anne Dana, Univ. Paris-Dauphine) “Intertemporal Equilibria with Knightian Uncertainty”
10:30-11:00 Coffee Break
11:00-11:45 Michal Król, Univ. Manchester “Ambiguity aversion and efficient risk-sharing in a non-cooperative repeated game with asymmetric information”
11:45-12:30 Phillipp Karl Illeditsch, Univ. Pennsylvania, Philadelphia “Ambiguous Information, Risk Aversion, and Asset Pricing”
12:30-14:30 Lunch
14:30-15:15 Adam Dominiak, Univ. Heidelberg (co-author: Wendelin Schnedler, Univ. Heidelberg) “Attitudes towards Uncertainty and Randomization: An Experimental Study”
15:15-16:00 Jacob Sagi, Vanderbilt Univ. (co-author: Chew Soo Hong, Hong Kong Univ. of Science & Technology) “An Inequality Measure for Uncertain Allocations”
16:00-16:30 Coffee Break
16:30-17:15 Jayant Vivek Ganguli, Univ. Cambridge (co-author: Scott Condie, Brigham Young Univ.) “Ambiguity and rational expectations equilibria”
17:15-18:00 Larry Epstein, Boston University “Three paradoxes for the “smooth ambiguity” model of preference”

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Times Events
9:00-9:45 Mark J. Machina, Univ. California, San Diego “Event-Separability in the Ellsberg Urn”
9:45-10:30 Yoram Halevy, Univ. British Columbia (co-author: Emre Ozdenoren, Univ. Michigan) “Uncertainty and Compound Lotteries: Calibration”
10:30-11:00 Coffee Break
11:00-11:45 Soo Hong Chew, Hong Kong Univ. of Science & Technology (co-authors: Richard P. Ebstein, Hebrew Univ. Jerusalem; Zhong Songfa, Hong Kong Univ. of Science & Technology) “Ambiguity Aversion and Familiarity Bias: Evidence from Behavioral and Gene Association Studies”
11:45-12:30 Debora Di Caprio, Free Univ. Bozen-Bolzano (co-author: Francisco J. Santos-Arteaga, Free Univ. Bozen-Bolzano) “Cardinal versus Ordinal Criteria in Choice under Risk with Disconnected Utility Ranges”
12:30-14:30 Lunch
14:30-15:15 David Kelsey, Univ. Exeter (co-author: Jürgen Eichberger, Univ. Heidelberg) “Optimism and Pessimism in Games”
15:15-16:00 Elena Asparouhova, Univ. Utah (co-authors: Peter Bossaerts, Caltech and EPFL Lausanne; Jon Eguia, New York Univ.; William Zame, Univ. California Los Angeles) “Cognitive Biases, Ambiguity Aversion and Asset Pricing in Financial Markets”
16:00-16:30 Coffee Break
16:30-17:15 José Heleno Faro, Cedeplar & Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais “Variational Bewley Preferences”
17:15-18:00 Paolo Ghirardato, DSMA & Collegio Carlo Alberto, Univ. Torino (co-author: Marciano Siniscalchi, Northwestern Univ.) “A more robust definition of multiple priors”